Thursday, March 7, 2013

Currently Mad for DIY Stamps!

I have several addictions: Sweets. Sleeping late. Cute stuff......and there's probably a lot more than I think, that I have to create an entirely different post for it. Now as an addition to my cute stuff addiction (does that rhyme or what?)  I am currently crazy over STAMPS! and no, I am not talking about a Philatelist's weakness here (who am I to mock, I used to be a member of a Philatelic club when I was young and I was even sent a membership kit from the Philippine Postal Service. Now I lost my train of thought! Where were we, oh yeah, Stamps! I am talking about the rubber stamps usually attached on wood. We'll there are a TON of tutorials now that you can get online but what I've discovered in Pinterest (thank God really for this site, I have learned a lot of DIY tips here). Well I learned that you can make your own stamps, like carve them, in plain old ERASERS. Yes, you heard it right. ERASERS~ who would have thought right? DIY stamps seems so easy to do now. If only I had the tools for it. We'll that I may be able to do in the not so distant future.

For now, let's marvel at the DIY Stamps I've seen parading in Etsy currently.


I went back in forth from Etsy to Memi The Rainbow's Blog. I see a lot of these Korean made Stamps in Etsy and since Memi's work are all handcrafted they're a bit pricy but seems doable as well. She is really nice and gives out a lot of easy tutorials. Well, easy to follow tutorials are one thing, but being innately artistic and creative is another. But let's not mourn the lost of our own self-creativeness, were just a bit rusty. We need to constantly create works of art in any shape or form.

And a cute shape like this will do in this case.

Pardon me, I really should not take things literally.

If you are interested in buying these stamps, click on the image links below and you will be directed to their Etsy account. You can also check out Memi the Rainbow's blog here.

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


  1. Oh Rosey please don't introduce me to more pretty stuff I'm bad enough as it is Hmmm I can see another hobby coming along....



    1. Oh yeah! I sure will! I'll post more but I warn you, it's pretty addicting! :) Cheers!



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