Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wall Exercise

Do some Stretching first before doing this

Wall Bridge - starts with your butt against the wall, slowly moving your lower body up, arms on the side, shoulders in place. inhale deep and exhale. slowly return to starting position.

Windshield Wipers - with your butt still against the wall and both legs still up, move left leg to 9 o'clock position. Move it back up to 12 o'clock. Do the same thing with the right leg, doing a 3 o'clock position.

Wall Scissor - butt close to the wall, raise your hips slowly with your hands supporting it as it goes up, keeping the elbows on the floor. Legs should be straight and feet are planted on the wall. Slowly lower left leg toward your head (legs should be kept straight) Return to the first position and do the same thing with your right leg.

Toe Reaches - butt still against the wall and both legs still up, reach for your left toes using your right hand and upper body still flat on the floor. Do the same thing with the left hand reaching for the right toes.

Knee Press - butt is against the wall still, knees bent, and feet should be planted up the wall. Raising your butt and back off the floor, cross your right ankle over your left knee. Then lower your body and repeat on your left side.

For a detailed fitness instruction, I suggest you follow the link below from

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