Sunday, February 7, 2010

Easy to Make Drink for an All-Nighter: Café au Lait

My body clock is so used to staying awake at night. Insomniac and nocturnal as I am, there are instances where I still crave for a little caffeine boost. Not that I need though.
Here's a Very Easy and satisfying recipe for an All-Nighter Coffee.

For a Glass of the All-Nighter Café au Lait, you're going to need:
- a couple of ice cubes
- a cup of coffee (just make coffee as you would with sugar)
- a cup of milk
- half a teaspoon of vanilla syrup

Simply combine the coffee, the milk, and vanilla syrup. Stir and put ice cubes in.
Prepare to indulge in a "Starbucks tasting" coffee, right at your own home.

Cafe Au Lait! (French for Coffee with Milk!)

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