Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DIY: Make your Own Natural Iced Tea!

I used to drink Nestea Iced Tea and I loved it. But perhaps as I grew older, my body is no longer able to take in as much junk. I didn't know what happened but I every time I drink the stuff now, I feel something's wrong with my body, or at least my body's quickly reacting to it I suppose. I kept drinking it and saying it's better than soft-drinks anyway. I had to find out by myself and it was horrible. Apparently these Nestea Packets are filled with an artificial sweetener they call Aspartame (same ones they use for Coke Zero etc). The effects of aspartame is really bad that I felt like I was going through a heart attack. I had severe chest pains and I can't breathe well. I wasn't able to sleep because I was going back in forth to the loo, I kept drinking water so as to flush out the toxins I had stupidly drunk.

I said to myself never again will I drink anything with Aspartame on it or any artificial sweeteners. I'd rather stick to honey or at least brown or washed sugar.

But since it's summer here in the Philippines and it's extremely hot!!! I find that turning on the air-conditioner is not enough. You have to drink something cold to replenish your fluids and lower your body's temperature.

Since I like Iced Tea, but don't want to go back to having crazy chest pains due to Nestea, here's what my husband and I did to make one that is pure and healthy.

Tea Bag (Green, Black, Yellow or Mint will do)
Hot Water
Calamansi (4 pcs) or Lemon (1 pc)
Brown Sugar 2-3 tbsp
Cold Water and Ice

Steep 1 bag of Tea on a cup for 2-3 mins
Prepare a pitcher for your Iced Tea and squeeze the Calamansi or Lemon in it removing the seeds.
Add the tea extract, sugar and cold water. Mix well.
Get a glass and fill with ice cubes before pouring in the Iced Tea.

It's so simple, healthy and you get to make more if you want without costing you a lot!

This is a summer must-have!

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  1. Tried it and loved it! Hope you can post more ideas like this. cheers!



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