Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Recipe: Hungarian Sausage with Mushroom Sauce

I copied this recipe from my brother in law. (whom I think copied it from his brother, who copied it from their sister, who may have copied it from Martha Stewart...kidding..
I dunno know the origin really)
But now that we got that out of the way, 
I will share with you how it is done so you can copy it from me.

Disclaimer: This is like "The Ring" where you need to make a copy of the tape and let someone watch it. In this case, you need to recreate the recipe, let someone eat it and have them recreate it for someone else to eat and so on...

We call it the Hungry Yan Sausage with Mushroom Sauce.

First thing you do is get some Fine Hungarian Sausage (Hungry Yan--hahaha)
and fry them to perfection.
Chop the sausage.
Cook some Cream of Mushroom sauce, I used the ready mix from Knorr.
(I forgot to add in real mushrooms, we'll do that next time)

Drown your Hungry Sausage :) with your Creamed Mushroom sauce 
and prepare to be dazzled.

Now for the curse to get lifted, just recreate and serve. 
Have the others do the same. Spread it and save yourselves!

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  1. Looks yummy Rosie!

    But where are your crafts love? Just needing to know so I know what category to add you under!

    Hi! Just passing through... checking to see which blogs are active and up-to-date for our MFS-Blogger Gallery! YOURS is! Awesome!
    Keep it up! Take care!

    Kath - MFS-The Resource Center
    The Many Faces of Spaces - MFS-Blogger Gallery



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