Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How to make your own Stylus!

Want to have a stylus for your capacitive touchscreen? 
No need to buy. Just make your own using simple household materials.

You'll need the following:
An unused pen with spring
Cotton - I used a cotton bud here, I ran out of cotton! :)
Wooden tool - this is mostly used for cleaning nails
A bit of water

Use the pointed tip portion of the wooden thingy.
Wrap a small portion of cotton on the tip enough to hug the spring into it.
Attach the spring.
Moisten the tip and the surrounding cotton attached to the spring. This will allow static to be transferred from your fingers to the stylus. Clever eh?

Note: make sure to blunt your wooden tool a bit so as not to scratch your tablet.

I tried it on my kindle fire and it works perfectly!

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