Friday, January 18, 2013

Tech Obituary: The Rotary Phone

Back when you were the "IN" thing, people would spend hours holding your handset to their ears til they turn red with sore. It was that time of wrong numbers, party-lines, phone pals and no-dial tones. An emergency call that takes a few minutes to make since the dial has to turn back to it's position before you can dial another number, you do this with every number of that phone your trying to reach. Good thing, numbers were short then (6 digits). It was because of you dear old rotary phone, that people back then have sharp memories. Imagine having a mental note of the phone numbers of everyone close to you. We didn't need a notepad for that, all we have to do to remember is just to dial away. I miss your no-nonsense ring tone, your
very long twisty cord, and listening in to an extension phone. The clear phone is your daughter, which by the way is also a grandma now. 

I miss the old times. Too bad today's generation never got to experience you. 
Your memory is now reduced to being a cool smartphone add-on (a phone handset connected to the smartphone, how insulting!) 

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  1. one of the things I like about our generation (80's). we've get to experience them!

    ..and your right, handset attached to smartphones will never come close!

  2. I know, whenever I see rotary phones, I get all nostalgic. The younger generation may poke fun at us, but I am quite proud to be born in the 80's. It's like we were the lucky ones to embrace and experience what people now call "vintage".

  3. I agree! we were able to experience vintage and modern technologies.
    wait, this would then make us, "Modern Vintage"



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