Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vintage Letterpress

I wish to have my own printing company. I think apart from my love of writing, it also stems from my fascination with all sorts of papers and stamping. Stationery anyone? I recall having a bunch of stationery and keeping them all neat and it has to smell nice also. You do this so you can get to swap with someone else with much better stash and they choose which one of your stock they like and that's how the trade goes. But I never knew then that I would be so intrigued by how stationery companies come up with such lovely prints and designs. That's how I came across letterpress. So that is what they call those vintage printing machines. Trivia regarding old printing, they used to have stacks of letters in capital and in small letters, the capital letters would usually go to the case up top and the small letters would go the the case below. Hence the term, uppercase and lowercase letters :)

But what is Letterpress exactly? For a thorough understanding of what letterpress is and how it evolved to create prints today that has a bit of digital yet show a touch of the classic printing, go here.

Seeing all these vintage letterpress really takes me back. I still dream of owning one. It's classic.

Classic Letterpress

Notice the details in classic letterpress printing. There is a 3D quality to it that always stands out to the modern type. The natural embossed feel of the letters and the vintage touch of typography used. The fact that it's a very meticulous process, patience is key to being a master of creating these prints. It's all but a labor of love. It's incomparable to modern printing. 

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