Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Operation Clean House

We have accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. As you can see, it's already occupied an entire room full of it. I have all these books that have gathered dust. Collection of magazines I am not willing to throw. An increasing number of coffee table books and so many other junk, I can't even tell if I should be keeping or not. Hence the dilemma. I am constantly trying to find inspiration in Pinterest, and they have all these ideas in organizing things and whatnot. I am eagerly trying to find a number of ways to go about throwing stuff but something tells me that I may be able to use them someday. But when? I know that an item becomes vintage when it is already 10 years old. Am I gearing towards opening a vintage shop one day? I haven't got a clue. If you have pieces of advice that would help out a hoarder like me. Please do share them here. Thank you!

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