Saturday, October 10, 2009

Most Amazing French Art

I am so loving French artwork now.
But I have been in love with French way back.
I am still a struggling learner with their language.

Je m'appelle Rose (My Name is Rose)
Sil vous plait (Please)
Merci (Thank You)
Oui (Yes)
Je n'aime pas faire le menage (I don't like doing the housework)
Je veux une glace! (I want an ice cream!)

These are the key phrases I need to master! :p
Now back to French artwork.
I really adore Marie Desbon's art, you can see that her works are very book worthy.
Her drawings depict so much of what I like about French, smooth and classy.
I think she released books and postcards already with her brilliant illustrations.
Feel free to check out her blog.

If you want to look for more French inspiration, check out the Lamarelle site!
It's got loads of French and Non-French Artists amazing creations.  

Images: 1 | 2

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