Saturday, October 10, 2009

Alpacas - Cuteness Overload

This may be one of the cutest shots of animals I have seen lately. Nope they are not Llamas, although they are under the same family of Camelids and are generally smaller.
Like most Llamas, Alpacas also do tend to spit on you if they feel threatened or if food is taken away from them. I did a little researching over these Huggable Creatures. Since they have the most fluffy coats, they are being bred primarily for their fleece. It is similar to sheep's wool but is much warmer and is said to be hypoallergenic and fire resistant.
They don't like to be grabbed, especially in the legs or stomach. It takes a while before they can allow their owner to touch their neck, they can sense if you are confident around them or not. Good thing it is now illegal to slaughter these cute alpacas for their meat.

Now for the photos of our main guys that I've scoured over the net.

They are like teddy bears, all warm and fuzzy.


Did you notice how Alpacas tend to stare straight at you like a person.
Look at how they would crowd around in front of the camera
and just look straight as if they know they're having their photos taken.
It's so cute, in a creepy Twilight Zone kind of sense.

Can I just bring one home with me.
This one is oh-so-cute and fluffy (I think its a toy!) I am in love.

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