Monday, March 11, 2013

Is it bad to put sugar in your Green Tea?

I love Green Tea! Whenever I drink tea in the morning, I feel proud and healthy. 
But I admit. In order to drink tea, I have to put a bit of sugar in it. 
Thinking of rationalizing this for a bit, I use washed brown sugar so it's healthier than white table sugar. 
But I still kept thinking, does adding sugar lessen the effects of losing weight for green tea. 
I researched and here's what I gathered. 

Green Tea primarily contain caffeine that acts as a stimulant in order to speed up metabolism, it's advisable to drink hot tea before meals so you burn more calories, since drinking water increases fullness and decreases your appetite. I read room temperature water is good too. However, I really believe hot water has something to do with staying slim. Why? Because most Oriental people are slim since they only drink hot water for meals, rather than cold water, which tends to solidify any fatty foods we consume, stops production of acid in our stomach that slows digestion, lining your intestines and causing cancer. Warm water (preferably with Green Tea) is a better choice.   
 Diuretics in tea play a part in one losing water weight since you tend to urinate a lot (effects of diuretics). However, just like using a sauna suit, that makes you think your losing weight, you're only losing water weight which you will gain right back once you get hydrated. 

Adding sugar to tea won't do anything to decrease the positive effects of green tea, however if sugar seem to concern you, you may opt to use honey, dark brown sugar or Stevia (a sweet alternative making a hit these days for fitness and health conscious people).

I may have to make a separate post concerning the bad affects of sugar, there's much alarming view about sugar I learned along the way is that its likely the culprit for dwindling mental capabilities.. watch out for that post!


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