Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thrift Shop Series: A Trip to Dapitan Arcade

Capiz Shells Chandelier and a Moroccan-Inspired Beaded Lamp 

Dapitan is a place where I grew up in Manila. What was once a slum area is now converted into a shoppers paradise called Dapitan Arcade! It started with a few ones selling abaca baskets and bronze painted shelves in the sidewalks. Now, they have stalls and an array of Philippine Made items. From colorful glass fixtures made out of recycled bottles, Capiz shells made into a fine looking chandelier, Abaca lanterns and so much more. This place had often been featured in magazines and TV shows. Another shop across Dapitan Arcade also houses the same kind of stuff but they mostly sell Vintage items, which I find interesting.
This was a planned visit to my old hometown, a day to reminisce, marvel and of course shop! Take a peek on these hidden treasures.

Glass Fixtures made from Recycled Glass Bottles

Abaca Lanterns

Glass Mosaic Lamp

Hand Crafted Wrought Iron and Capiz Display Art / Jewelry Holder

Until next time, i'll post more pictures of our next trip to Dapitan Arcade!

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  1. Beautiful shots! :-)

    I used one of your photo in my blog post. I hope it's alright. I gave the proper attribution and link back to your blog.

    1. You are welcome and thank you for linking back. I read your blog and I also want to thank you for writing about the origin of the "Tasty Bread". I am enlightened.



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