Thursday, January 10, 2013

8 Space-Saving Room Tips

1. A pull-out bed is great for a kids room, as well as for a guest room

2. Turn a rotating bookshelf  into a full length mirror with cork board and hooks to hang your bags and jackets, great for dorms or small rooms.

3. Utilize your headboard, make a space for pictures and books (and plants!)

4. Make use of the wall leading to the kitchen, this one made it into a storage for ceramics and some books

5. Opt for a fold-able dining chair, this one is an Ikea chair. Be creative and play with the colors. Different colored chairs are better. (Remember Monica's dining area in Friends?)

6. Use curtains as room divider, this one had two different curtains matching the kids color palette on each side.  

7. Consider a shared work space, it's not only space saving, it's also practical, cause you get to share office supplies.. and it's sweet!

8. Lastly, turn a plain wall into a wall of art, the frames are not limited to pictures only, artwork is essential to put together a wonderful set like this. 

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