Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Easiest Recipe for Carbonara

I recall making Carbonara at home before and we ended up feeling so full, that we had to walk around the neighborhood afterwards to ease our stomach. Of course we waited a good 15-20 minutes before walking. I heard this makes a good exercise to lose weight.
Anyway, I didn't recreate the old Carbonara recipe I did way back which involved tons of butter and cheese (the ingredients itself are pretty heavy), all I did this time is to:

Buy a pack of Del Monte Carbonara (or you can buy any Easy to Cook Carbonara Mix) and 
Fried some Chicken Fillets
Cook the Pasta and combine the Carbonara mix to complete the ensemble.
Add in Cheese and bit of BasilSalt n Pepper to taste, yumyum..
Voila' Instant Carbonara goodness..as easy as 1-2-3..

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  1. maybe u can drop by my place and teach me how to cook this dish..Im worst at cookin..
    -leila divina



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