Friday, February 22, 2013

My Husbands Everyday-Carry

I came across a very addictive website. It's Everyday Carry. It shows what people usually carry around with them, and from what I've observed, a lot of them, carry Swiss Army Knives. What do you carry around? 

Here's a sample of that from their website.

We'll a few things I've learned about the usual every day carry of men who submit to that website are the following. I have given this list to my husband and he seemed keen to get all of those on the list. I wonder what women in our society are pretty much forced to carry around day in and day out.

  • SINN watches
  • Fenix LD10
  • Chris Reeve Knives
  • Preon Light
  • S2 multi tool
  • AKG in-ears / JH Audio JH16 Pro
  • Hillside Handkerchief

Here's what my husband has to share. I will be submitting this soon on their website. 
I find that Everyday Carry seem to be all macho. I don't see a lot of women submit their own carries there, hmm we'll see about that. 

And lastly here's mine:

Images: 1 | 2

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