Friday, January 15, 2010

Weirdest Blog Post Ever: Saying Goodbye to my Jug

Just want to share with you an old post from my private blog.
I'm getting all sentimental again.. and weird..

There are certain relationships that last longer than anybody else's and there are some which are fleeting. 
There are those which end in tragedy while some, melodramatically.
I have come to know someone who have had a very user friendly relationship with a jug. A few years back, a dentist picked Juggy from a stack full of gifts and gave it to a girl who nonchalantly accepted. Back then the jug had only one responsibility, to fill itself with ice cold cola. This went on for a few years until they moved in elsewhere. Juggy went MIA and spent its time collecting dust and occasionally cuddling insects in the darkness of a carton. When the girl moved in to her own flat she brought Juggy with her and introduced it to her partner. Juggy couldn't be more thrilled. He proved to be as useful as an electric cooler and went on to serve ice cold water for the poor couple. The man would spend everyday filling Juggy with ice and Juggy obliged without hesitation.
Now as the couple decided to finally get themselves an electric cooler, poor old Juggy was left with no choice.
As I looked back, staring at the poor thing, I remembered briefly how simple it was for us when we were just using it and nothing else. Now, we had to adjust for additional electric bills cause we wanted an upgrade, a major upgrade at that.
Now, its sitting on top of the plastic containers waiting to be packed yet again and spend the rest of its remaining life collecting dust and retire with some random insects.
It has served its purpose and its with great honour and respect that we pay homage to you dear old Jughead.
Perhaps we'll meet again when we'll have a tiny one who would carry you with him to school on a big yellow bus.

Image: Roseybarn

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  1. "The man would spend everyday filling Juggy with ice and Juggy obliged without hesitation.

    -smiling widely to myself :)



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