Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ninjai: The Little Ninja

I honestly have graduated from liking Anime cartoon, but this one brought me right back in.

Like many others I have been waiting for the next installment from the 12 part series of flash animation which can be seen here.

It is a story of a very deadly ninja, battling different types of bad people crossing his path. He sorta lost his memory which explains why he kept asking who he really was. Oh and by the way did I mention that the deadly ninja is a just little boy? Yup, he battles and defeats rouges and characters he often refers to as demons.

Ninjai goes on a quest to discover his true identity together with his cute and reliable friend "Little Bird". If you love Kill Bill action with all the sword fighting and the cartoon stuff added in you will easily become a fan of this. No wonder Quentin Tarantino admitted being a fan of Ninjai as well.

This cartoon however isn't suitable for very young kids as it can get very graphic and violent. Anime addicts and cartoon lovers alike will definitely get hooked to this animated sensation.


Plus, there's wonderful news from the Ninjai Gang.
They announced in 2008 of releasing a feature length movie
that will be high quality and will soon appear in theaters.
I can't wait!

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