Monday, November 2, 2009

Nickolas Muray: Portrait of an Artist

The Famous Frida Kahlo Photography by Nicholas Muray

Nickolas Muray apart from being a famous photographer, is also famous for his love affair with Frida Kahlo (with the famous unibrow shown on top). She became one of his main subjects for his photography and a lot of those are considered masterpieces now.
I wonder why famous photographers don't get to have wonderful shots of themselves, its so unfair, they have excellent photos of others but never of themselves. ☺
He is considered the "Master of the three-color Carbro Process" which was pretty famous back then but proven over the years to be a health hazard in photography.

The main hazards of carbro and three-color carbro printing result from exposure to the bromide developer and to the sensitizer for the carbon tissue.
Amidol is used as the developer and is a strong skin and respiratory irritant that causes severe skin allergies and bronchial asthma. The compound is also a systemic poison and can be absorbed through skin to cause severe systemic damage.
The sensitizer used is a Potassium Dichromate which is suspected human carcinogen. The Bromide powders are more hazardous by inhalation.
The magenta reducing solution containing methyl alcohol is highly toxic by ingestion and hazardous by skin contact and by inhalation, not to mention being a Fire Hazard.
More info on this check out the book: Overexposure

I bet you'll forget all about the above info once you delve into these amazing photos done through three-color carbro process.

I can't imagine how one won't adore these images. Looking at all the wonderful pieces they left behind from that era, I can gaze at these photographs all day.

Pretty swell pictures huh? I'll bring in more good stuff next time. Have a good weekday ahead!

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